UV Protective & Security Window Films


The best window film security protection. Protects what really you really care for.

Whether its a security, privacy, glare or temperature issue or a combination of each,  we have a window film to suit your needs.

All of our films are manufactured by Opalux. Leaders in window film manufacture.


  • UV Protective – Cut out up to 98% of UV rays entering your home through your windows. Reduces heat and cooling costs.
  • Security – Add extra protection to your windows making them stronger and safer. The film holds the glass in place after a blunt impact with say a hammer or rock. Film can be applied to both sides of the glass for added protection. Please have a look at the video link below for a better example.

  • Privacy – Our films come in all colours and shades. Mirrored or tinted to your specification

Combinations are also possible. For example the security film can be tinted, mirrored or have the UV protection added.

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UV Protective & Security Window Films

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